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Kick the Tires - and "Give It A Test Drive"!


     The "Give It A Test Drive" tactic is a powerful technique aimed at allowing potential clients to experience the product or service firsthand before making a purchasing decision. This approach leverages the principle of experiential learning, enabling clients to see, feel, and understand the value of the offering in a tangible way.



     The "Give It A Test Drive" tactic begins by offering the client an opportunity to try a sample or demo version of the product or service. This could involve providing a free trial period, offering a complimentary product sample, or arranging a hands-on demonstration. By giving clients the chance to interact with the offering directly, the salesperson enables them to assess its features, functionality, and suitability for their needs.  It allows clients to see how the product or service aligns with their specific requirements and preferences. By experiencing the offering in action, clients can evaluate its performance, usability, and potential benefits firsthand, enabling them to make a more informed decision about whether it meets their needs.


     The "Give It A Test Drive" tactic helps to build trust and credibility with the client by demonstrating confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the offering. By inviting clients to try the product or service before committing to a purchase, the salesperson shows that they are confident in its ability to deliver value and meet the client's expectations.


     This tactic can help to overcome any skepticism or objections that the client may have. By allowing clients to experience the benefits of the offering directly, the salesperson can address any concerns or doubts they may have and provide reassurance that the product or service is indeed worth investing in.


     The "Give It A Test Drive" tactic is an effective strategy for closing sales by giving clients the opportunity to experience the product or service firsthand. By enabling clients to see how well the offering aligns with their needs and preferences, building trust and credibility, and overcoming objections, this approach increases the likelihood of a successful sale while providing clients with a valuable and satisfying buying experience.