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Just - "Do The Math"!


     The "Do the Math" closing technique is a strategic approach aimed at demonstrating the tangible benefits and return on investment (ROI) that the client stands to gain from making a purchase. This technique involves quantifying the value proposition of the product or service in terms of cost savings, revenue generation, or other measurable outcomes, thereby providing the client with a clear and compelling rationale for their decision.



     The "Do the Math" technique begins by identifying and quantifying needs and then satisfying those needs with specific benefits that the client will derive from the product or service you are selling. This could include factors such as increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, higher productivity, or enhanced performance. By breaking down these benefits into quantifiable metrics, such as dollars saved or hours gained, the salesperson can provide the client with a concrete understanding of the potential value proposition.  Never lie!


     The salesperson calculates the financial impact of these benefits over a specified period, such as a month, a year, or the lifetime of the product or service. This involves estimating the total cost savings or revenue increase that the client can expect to realize as a result of their investment. By presenting these calculations in a clear and concise manner, the salesperson provides the client with a compelling snapshot of the potential ROI associated with the purchase.


     For example, suppose a software company is selling a new project management tool to a client. The salesperson might use the "Do the Math" technique to demonstrate how the software can streamline workflow processes, reduce project completion times, and improve team collaboration.


     By quantifying the time saved per project and estimating the increase in project throughput, the salesperson can calculate the potential cost savings or revenue increase for the client over the course of a year.


     By employing the "Do the Math" close, the salesperson not only highlights the value of the product or service but also provides the client with a compelling financial justification for their decision. By quantifying the benefits in terms of tangible outcomes and demonstrating the potential ROI, the salesperson helps the client make an informed and confident purchasing decision that aligns with their business objectives and budgetary considerations. Ultimately, this approach fosters trust and credibility with the client and increases the likelihood of a successful sale.


     This process usually speeds up the selling process.  It makes it much easier for the client to say - YES!